For local government units (for local governments and public sector)

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For local government units


Provision of funds for any purpose or non-purpose provision to finance common or capital expenditures with maturity up to 8 years. Loan drawing is one-time or gradual. Repayment is executed according to an agreed repayment plan in contract with the possibility to postpone first repayment by even one year or on the basis of mutual agreement.

Accession to the debt

The subject of this service is the accession of further debtor (BFF) to an already existing legal relationship between the debtor (local government) and the creditor (supplier) as an original debtor (so-called cumulative intercession).

Restructuring of commercial debt

This helps the local government to restructure its liabilities with a goal of achieving an optimum way for the repayment for a period exceeding the original maturity date.


Guaranty from BFF Česká republika s.r.o. is an instrument of guarantee supporting credibility of a local government against its business partner - supplier (authorized person from a guaranty). By the provision of guaranty, the local government may agree on more advantageous business conditions with its business partner (payment postponement, early repayment, return of retainage, lower price,...).

Bridge financing (Granting funds for pre-financing non-repayable funds (NRP))

Provision of funds for per-financing of non-repayable funds (NFP) serves as a bridge for a time discrepancy between due costs and their refunding from NFP.

Purchasing of LGU property with obligation to re-buying

For the purpose of acquisition of long-term funds (e.g. for refinancing of existing loans, enforcement payments, execution of investment plans), local government will sell immovable property (building, land) to BFF and subsequently, it will conclude a purchase contract for its repurchase with the payment of purchase price in instalments set for the period of even7 years.

Capital financing of LGU companies (Venture capital)

BFF will provide funds for the execution of business plans of companies (Ltd. or Inc.), owned fully by the local government, in a form of deposit into the equity capital of the company or by its increase and subsequent conclusion of a contract for the sale of business share in the company with a gradual payment of purchase price for a period of 5-7 years since the acquisition of capital.